U-Haul Truck Rentals

Your Accomodating and Friendly Neighborhood U-Haul Dealer.

All Storage facilities are also fully authorized U-Haul dealers*. We rent trucks for both in-town, local moves and for one-way, longer-distance moves.

U-Haul Truck Rentals

Why rent a U-Haul moving truck?

  • All box truck rentals have a low-deck making it incredibly easy to load and unload heavy furniture and boxes.
  • Most truck sizes have a loading ramp to help you load and unload heavy items.
  • Our moving trucks use regular unleaded fuel making your trip cheaper and the environment happy.
  • All U-Haul moving trucks are designed to give all drivers high visibility when driving.
  • Our larger moving truck rentals have three-across belted seating to ensure everyone in the cab is safe.
  • The rub-rails on the inside of the U-Haul truck allow you to tie down your goods in tiers to prevent items from shifting.
  • The space above the truck cabin—Mom's Attic®—gives you an extra safe place to secure fragile items.

Truck Rental Details

Pickups/cargo vans

Pickups/cargo vans

Best Use: Small jobs

Equates To: Small closet

Storage Examples: Small furniture, tools, office supplies and records, clothes and personal items, 10-15 boxes

Pickups/cargo vans

10' truck

Best Use: Studio/Apartment

Equates To: Bathroom or large walk-in closet

Storage Examples: One room of furniture, sofa and chair or chest of drawers. Mattresses and other small items and boxes. Lawnmowers, garden tools, bikes, and outdoor furniture.

Pickups/cargo vans

15' truck

Best Use: Apartment up to 2 bedrooms

Equates To: Half of a one-car garage or averaged-sized bedroom

Storage Examples: Contents of a small, one-bedroom apartment (2-3 rooms) with no appliances. 

Pickups/cargo vans

17' truck

Best Use: Home up to 2 bedrooms

Equates To: Large bedroom

Storage Examples: Contents of a two-bedroom apartment or house (3-4 rooms). A small car.

Pickups/cargo vans

20' truck

Best Use: 3-4 bedroom home

Equates To: One-car garage

Storage Examples: Two to three bedroom house (4-5 rooms) and appliances. Small car, boat, trailer or truck.

Pickups/cargo vans

26' truck

Best Use: 4+ bedrooms

Equates To: Large garage (2-car garage end-to-end)

Storage Examples: Four or five bedroom house, or contents from a 30' to 40' moving van.

U-Haul rentals not available at the Encinitas location.