Safestor® Insurance

We confidently offer the most affordable self-storage insurance out there.

All Storage

Safestor® – Self-storage Insurance

Unforeseen and unexpected losses can happen from natural disasters, weather, fire, and other events beyond human control. Insuring your stored goods for such losses is your responsibility. Your All Storage facility is not responsible for and does not insure your stored possessions.

For that reason, All Storage offers Safestor®: an inexpensive, optional protection plan tailor-made to safeguard your stored possessions. Safestor® provides the broadest coverage combined with the lowest premiums. You can have peace of mind knowing that your goods will be replaced should there be an unfortunate occurrence while they are in storage.

Purchasing Safestor® protection is optional. However, you are required to insure your storage unit per our rental agreement. Since the majority of homeowners and renters insurance policies do not cover goods stored off-site, we recommend you purchase Safestor® insurance through us. The small Safestor® insurance premium is simply added to your monthly rent for ease and convenience.


Safestor® covers you in case of loss or damage to your goods from all the major hazards listed here. Burglary coverage applies only if there are visible signs of forced entry and an official police report has been submitted.

*Exclusions: Safestor® does not provide coverage for jewelry, furs, antiques, artwork, watches, money, securities, documents or motorized vehicles.  It also does not cover any loss resulting from war, flood, vermin or climate conditions (i.e. rust or mildew). Please refer to the Certificate of Insurance for a full explanation of the coverage.