COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

March 25, 2020 (LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 1, 2020)


The health and safety of you, our customers and guests, is of utmost importance to us at All Storage. We are closely monitoring COVID-19 updates from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization for additional preventative practices to implement. We will continue to modify these precautions and policies as needed to address the threat of COVID-19.


All Storage is one of the few storage companies that offers electronic and phone alternatives to personal interaction. We believe in excellent face-to-face customer service, but if possible, we ask that you avoid any personal interaction during this time:

  • Rent & Reserve Online: To rent a unit, you can do so online on our website
    • Select your desired location from the LOCATIONS button.
    • Then click on the RENT NOW button.
    • Select your desired Unit Size.
    • Complete the required fields.
    • To complete the process and receive a gate code, one of our managers will reach out to you by phone and/or email for the final required information and provide you a gate code and directions to your unit. This touchless experience is a new process for us, so your patience is sincerely appreciated. 
  • Making Payments:
    • Pay by credit card over the phone or via MY ACCOUNT online at
    • Mail a check or money order to your storage location
    • Call your location about enrolling in Auto Pay


We are implementing employee policies for easier access to paid and unpaid leaves of absence to encourage employees to follow any and all CDC guidelines – including staying home when sick.  If an employee becomes ill, they will be asked to go home and not return until they are symptom free without medication for 24 hours.


Our employees have been advised to wash hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds or to use hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol. They have also been advised to cover all coughs and sneezes with a disposable tissue.


We have advised our employees on how to maintain a safe social distance from other employees and customers as a precaution. We are currently asking you to transact with us one-at-a-time or even without entering the office. We apologize for not making you as comfortable as possible. As an alternative, please consider using our phone and electronic methods for renting storage units, making payments, or contacting us for information.


All Storage will make every effort to remain open unless a governing body orders business closures as an emergency precaution. Many of our customers are depending on their storage units for supply chain continuity. To support our customers' efforts to support communities and maintain stability, we are committed to remain at their service.

In the event that we are alerted that a store office has been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19, we will immediately close the office until we can have it properly cleaned and made safe for reopening.


Personal workstations, desks, phones and copiers are receiving additional and more detailed disinfectant cleaning.  We will be cleaning our gate keypads, door handles, counters, fixtures, pushcarts and other frequently handled areas of our property routinely.


We are known for having clean restrooms available for our guests. We will be cleaning more frequently and keep our restrooms fully stocked with soap. While most of our restrooms are currently available for use, the open ones may be closed down in the near future due to public safety concerns.


As a precautionary measure and part of stringent social distancing recommended by the health experts, we suggest limiting trips to your storage unit for the next several weeks. We ask that you do not access your unit unless it is for essential needs. While on-site: 

  • Please keep a minimum of six feet apart from anyone else.
  • Protect and shield your mouth and nose with a mask/facial covering.
  • Wear gloves if at all possible. 
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after visiting our facility. 
  • Although our staff is sanitizing as much as we can, we kindly ask you to sanitize all places you touch with bare hands -- your participation in this is greatly appreciated.

We firmly ask any customers who are ill to stay at home and call or visit us online. 

Again, the health and safety of our customers and associates are our top priority and we’re committed to doing our part to help keep you safe. Please do your part to help us keep our facilities open and operating.

March 16, 2020

As communities begin to feel the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to share with you the steps we’re taking at All Storage to help protect the health and safety of our customers and associates, which is always our top priority.

We’re closely monitoring local and national reports on the evolving impact of COVID-19 and, based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization and applicable public health agencies, we’ve developed plans that will allow us to respond timely and appropriately.

Our housekeeping and sanitization efforts in our offices and our buildings have been greatly expanded. We’re frequently disinfecting often-touched surfaces such as door handles, countertops, keypads, restroom surfaces, carts, tools, railings and elevator buttons. We’re asking all of our associates (and we urge everyone) to follow the CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of the infection.

We feel deeply for those who have been affected. Thankfully, as of now, we’re not aware of any associate contracting COVID-19. But we have implemented guidelines that instruct any associate who may develop symptoms or come into contact with infected individuals to stay home and follow the CDC’s instructions. And impacted associates will be compensated for their missed work hours.

At this time, all of our stores are open for business during their regular hours to meet the needs of our customers. If we become aware of any condition in any store that would make it unsafe, please rest assured that we’ll close the store until those conditions have been addressed. We will continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation.

As a precautionary measure and part of voluntary social distancing recommended by the health experts, we suggest limiting trips to your storage unit for the next several weeks. Again, the health and safety of our customers and associates are our top priority and we’re committed to doing our part to help keep you safe.

Thank you,
All Storage Management

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